Prophetic Ministry is established in the Love of Jesus Christian Church in order to help the believers identify their gifts and callings, we train them to develop their potentials and release them for the use in ministry.  Because of the nature of our calling being a prophetic praying church, our prophetic pastors who have a strong prayer orientation actually confirms their callings, empowers them in prayer and prophetic words more than just predict.

Our goal in the prophetic ministry in LOJ church is to bring the body of Christ to a place of maturity, teaching our people to walk in love, faith and hope.  Apart from this, we desire to bring believers to a full knowledge, love and intimacy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to help prepare them for the ministry that God has called them to do.

This is why in doing so, it is done not by human ability not by might nor power but we believe by the spirit of the Lord, thus the main function of this Prophetic Ministry is carried out through worship, warfare and intercession. 

If you have a longing and passion to be in this area, please feel free to contact Ps Orly Borja.